Afghanistan Development Organization for Afghans (ADOA)

ADOA is established in 2007, is a national NGO formally registered under the NGO laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a fully non-profit, not-political, not-sectarian organization, functioning under a fully democratic governance of its elected Board-of-Trustees and technically operating under its Board-of-Management. ADOA has a triangulated transparent accountability system, under which we report directly to the local communities/beneficiaries, donors and the Afghan government, both at local and national levels. ADOA, as non-profit humanitarian and development organization, strongly believe in a strategy of complementarity and synergy, rather than working in operational segregation, individualism and a policy of monopolization. We at ADOA, based on our past 12 years’ work experience in the field of humanitarian and community development operations, strongly believe that human development and alleviation of human suffering can best be addressed and healed through humanitarian cooperation and partnership within a transparent, accountable and well-defined frame of action for common human goals and purposes. Our aim is to reduce the suffering of the Afghanistan’s most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency. Specializing in meeting the needs of communities emerging from conflict or natural disaster, ADOA collaborates with a wide range of partners and donors, local organizations, and many others to deliver sustainable services. ” 

Key Areas

ADOA works in following key areas, leading toward good governance, reduce vulnerability through relief and community stabilization.

  • Education
  • Humanitarian / Emergency Response
  • Economic Development
  • Health
  • WASH
  • Peace
  • Irrigation, Infrastructure and Rehabilitation
  • Agricultural Development and Livestock
  • Capacity building and task force development
  • Public awareness and legal rights.

    ADOA differ widely in its aim and activities it undertakes. We will be contributing in long-term projects concerning sustainable development, and will be specifically focusing on the ultra-poor communities of Afghanistan enabling them to develop sustainable livelihood through micro finance and re-integration in the society.


    • Immediate rehabilitation and construction of key infrastructures that will assist in the development of Afghanistan
    • To become well renowned for the quality of work and professionalism of the company.
    • To develop highly trained and experienced personnel through the investment in training courses and workshops for staff.
    • To enhance the capacity, efficiency and quality of Afghanistan development organization for Afghans work through the investment in equipment.
    • Raising awareness of women in society
    • Capacity building for Afghans men/women
    • Technical education and vocational training for women


    We are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with clients, partners, co-workers, donors, funders and the communities we work in

    We are accountable for our behaviors, actions, programs and results

    We are responsible to the people we serve and the donors who supports and enable our services. 

    Is of a high relevance to ADOA and we operate open information policies and make information easily accessible to relevant responsibilities stakeholders, donors, Program beneficiaries, staff and the public

    Quality Work:
    We aim in providing the best possible services for our beneficiaries and the communities we work with.

    Do No Harm:
    We are committed to the Principle of “Do No Harm” and avoid exposing people to additional risks through our action


    • Building construction (schools, hospitals, clinics, houses and industrial buildings, etc.)
    • Irrigation systems (dams, canals, intakes, spillways, diversion weirs, etc.)
    • Water & sanitation projects (wells, kariz’s, spring tapping systems, latrines, etc.)
    • Access improvement (bridges, culverts, roads, retaining walls, overflows, etc.)
    • Raising awareness of women in society
    • Capacity building for Afghans men/women.
    • Technical education and vocational training for women.
    • Other services for Afghans.


    • Exhaustive technical surveys.
    • Accurate design and budget estimations
    • Work plans.
    • Coordination with NGOs, authorities and local communities
    • Regular monitoring and evaluation – including monthly progress reports and monthly internal and external reports
    • Regular contact with donors and contractors



    This plan will be in effect after the contract is being signed between Afghanistan development organization for Afghans and donors. The major works involved in construction activity include stone masonry, rcc works, pcc, reinforcement, steel works, stone soling, earth works, dewatering, and diversion, etc. The contract documents shall clearly indicate the requirement to adhere with the technical specifications, which is part of contract document.  Afghanistan development organization for Afghans is fully committed to adhere with technical specification, accomplish the work in stipulated time as well as quality of work. For this, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will make special arrangement in terms of carrying out construction survey, preparation of construction drawing, procurement and handling of construction materials (local as well as nonlocal), quality control during construction with respect to material, machine and human resources, sampling and testing of works and materials, maintenance of site register book and compliance with instruction of supervision team. In addition, contractor will also focus on safety and security of material and staff members.


    In order to execute the construction/rehabilitation of construction projects, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans has established a construction team headed by head of engineering division. In a project, a supervisor will be deployed.  Under the supervisor, a team of skilled, unskilled labors including equipment operators, carpenters, masons, etc. Afghanistan development organization for Afghans head will supervise the construction team and, Will establish offices/camps at each Project location, with the provision of labor camps, god owns, equipment, vehicles, and security arrangement. In these camps, provision of an office for supervision team will be made. The project supervisor will be responsible for quality assurance in terms procurement of quality construction materials, storage facilities, quality control of works covering concreting, stone masonry, earth works, etc. In this process, the project supervisor he will be assisted by his supervisors in terms of collection samples, testing of materials and works (in situ as well as laboratory tests).   The site supervisors will also be responsible for maintaining site registers, measurement of works and materials, and liaison with client and supervision team from donor side.    Site supervisor of will be specifically responsible for the quality assurance of construction activities. He will monitor the quality assurance activities.   In the process quality assurance of construction activities, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will also coordinate with Client and consider their recommendations if any.


    The needed materials for the construction and rehabilitation of projects including cement, steel bars, GI wires, rubber seal as non-local materials and boulders, sand, gravel, aggregates, etc as local materials. In order to assure the quality Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will procure the quality materials manufactured by credible companies, and store them properly. Similarly, local materials will be acquired from approved quarry sites to obtain the best quality local construction materials. It will be ensured that the materials procured will be of the standard quality according to technical specifications.

    • Non – local materials Afghanistan development organization for afghans

    Will prepare a procurement plan to purchase non local construction material in accordance with the construction schedule in order to ensure the supply of fresh construction materials particularly the Portland cements

    Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will procure the non-local construction materials manufactured by credible manufacturers from nearest market. Such materials will be procured in batches, will obtain manufacturers certification of the materials particularly for steel and GI wire to ensure that the materials match standard as indicated in technical specification. In addition, samples of such materials such as cement, steel and GI wire will be and will be tested in authorized and credible laboratory taken prior to the procurement. The result of test from laboratory and manufacturers certificates will be discussed with client. Upon the approval of test results, the contractor will procure the construction materials in batches. It will be ensured that all construction material supplied will have the properties and strength in accordance with the test result. The construction materials procured will be stored at site to ensure that quality of materials will not deteriorate. More specifically, storage of cement will be protected from moisture and dampness. However, steel and GI wire will also be stored under roof and they will not be exposed to snow, and rainfall.


    The local construction materials mainly sand, gravel and boulders will be collected from river bed or quarry available near to the construction sites. These materials will be collected and stored at construction site as and when needed. The quarry site or river locations, from where these materials will be collected will be finalized in consultation with client Supervision Team. While selecting the quarry sites, it will be ensured that the material collected will be in accordance with the technical specification.  In case of aggregates, the crushed stone aggregates will be procured from credible suppliers. The laboratory testing of such materials will be made if it is decided or instructed by the client supervision team.  The storage of these materials will be made at construction site. However, particularly for aggregates and sand it will be ensured that no foreign material especially clay will be added.



    In order to maintain the quality of work, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will carry out construction survey of site where structures are to be built. The survey will primarily include plan, longitudinal section and cross section. Based on the construction survey, the engineering drawing will be provided by Afghanistan development organization for Afghans. The necessary amendment will be made in consultation with client and working drawings will be prepared and submitted to client. The construction of structures will be executed in accordance with the working/construction drawing.


    Based on the construction drawing,  setting out  of structure will be made at site with the help of competent technician to ensure that line and level of the proposed structures are carefully taken into consideration. The excavation of foundation will be made up on the approval of setting out by client.  Without the prior approval of setting out, no excavation for foundation will be made.


    To ensure the quality of work and facilitate the supervision team, weekly construction program will be prepared considering the volume of works and available resources. The weekly work program will indicate in detail the activities of works, time, and location. This will facilitated the supervision team to manage, their human resources particularly for major concrete work, foundation works, under water works, etc.


    In order to maintain the documentation in relation to works, materials, human resources, weather, etc, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans Swill maintain site register book and other documentation in consultation with donor and other stakeholders. In addition, regular meetings with donor and other stakeholders will be conducted. The instructions, and orders made by donor in relation to quality assurance will be taken into consideration.  Such consideration will primarily include the replacement of materials, works, human resources, equipment, etc.


    The concrete works include M10, M15, M20, and M25. M10 concrete is mainly provisioned for foundation works.  M15 is designed PCC as well as RCC work. PCC of M15 is mainly for copping over the stone masonry work. M20 and M25 concrete are designed/provisioned for RCC work particularly Aqueduct, floor concrete, culverts, Bridges, etc. The Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will execute these concrete works as per the technical specification, as well as standard practices. In situ as well as laboratory testing of these concrete works will be made to ensure the desired strength.


    The stone works mainly include stone soling, masonry, pointing, etc. Afghanistan development organizations for Afghans execute the stone works as per the technical specification. The tests of materials and works will be carried out as instructed by donor (client) supervision team.


    Gabion works are provisioned for river training and slope stabilization works, will execute the gabion work as per the technical specification. All instructions made by supervision team particularly wire mesh size, quality of wire particularly the galvanization, etc will be taken into consideration in order to ensure the quality of work.


    All steel works, gates and trashes will be designed in terms of size, plate thickness, bracings, spindles, threads. The design and drawings of gates and trashes will be submitted to the donor supervision team prior to manufacturing. The manufactured gates and trashes will be installed as per the instructions of donor supervision team.


    The materials such as steel, cement, sand, gravel, GI wire etc will be tested in laboratories to ensure the quality of the materials if advised by donor supervision team. In addition, works particularly concrete work, in terms of its strength and earth work in terms of its compaction will be tested in laboratories. For concrete works, the samples of concrete in the form of cubes will be taken for each batch of concrete, and sent to laboratories for compression test.   The laboratories of testing of materials and works will be decided in consultation with donor. 


    Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will mobilize the construction equipment for the construction and rehabilitation of work under his contract: Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will arrange sufficient, fuel; lubricants and other forms of energy to ensure that equipment are in operation. Similarly, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will also arrange adequate spare parts, repair and maintenance facilities, and operators.


    Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will mobilize sufficient number of human resources in terms of well qualified technical and management staff, skilled labor such as mason, carpenter, equipment operators, none skilled labors and etc in time to ensure the quality of works as well as achieve the desired progress. Similarly, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will establish labor camps at project site with sufficient space, water supply and sanitation facilities. The special care will be made to provide safety majors such as Helmet, Boots, and first aid kits etc during construction.


    The site supervisor is overall responsible for safety as well as the site engineer is responsible for safety in each site. Every employee is responsible for maintaining safe work practices. All employees must perform their activities using sound and safe work practices. Supervisors are responsible for all work under their control onsite, for the immediate work area, and the safe work practices of the employees he supervises.


    Management (Senior Management Team)

    1.  Oversight of the safety program
    2.  Assigned authority to implement safety program and requirements
    3.  Authorizes funding for safety
    4.  Approves safety programs and policies
    5.  Participates in safety program to demonstrate corporate commitment
    6.  Demands high standards of safety
    1.  Full control of safety program
    2.  Periodically inspects work areas and equipment for compliance with work rules and safety standards.
    3.  Ensures that all accidents are promptly reported and injuries are promptly and property treated.
    4.  Analyzes all processes, operations, and facilities for hazards and takes appropriate action to correct deficiencies.







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