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In order to execute the construction/rehabilitation of construction projects, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans has established a construction team headed by head of engineering division. In a project, a supervisor will be deployed.  Under the supervisor, a team of skilled, unskilled labors including equipment operators, carpenters, masons, etc

. Afghanistan development organization for Afghans head will supervise the construction team and, Will establish offices/camps at each Project location, with the provision of labor camps, god owns, equipment, vehicles, and security arrangement. In these camps, provision of an office for supervision team will be made. The project supervisor will be responsible for quality assurance in terms procurement of quality construction materials, storage facilities, quality control of works covering concreting, stone masonry, earth works, etc. In this process, the project supervisor he will be assisted by his supervisors in terms of collection samples, testing of materials and works (in situ as well as laboratory tests).   The site supervisors will also be responsible for maintaining site registers, measurement of works and materials, and liaison with client and supervision team from donor side.    Site supervisor of will be specifically responsible for the quality assurance of construction activities. He will monitor the quality assurance activities.   In the process quality assurance of construction activities, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans will also coordinate with Client and consider their recommendations if any.






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