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Afghanistan Development Organization for Afghans (ADOA) established in 2007, is a national NGO formally registered under the NGO laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a fully non-profit, not-political, not-sectarian organization, functioning under a fully democratic governance of its elected Board-of-Trustees and technically operating under its Board-of-Management. ADOA has a triangulated transparent accountability system, under which we report directly to the local communities/beneficiaries, donors and the Afghan government, both at local and national levels. ADOA, as non-profit humanitarian and development organization, strongly believe in a strategy of complementarity and synergy, rather than working in operational segregation, individualism and a policy of monopolization. We at ADOA, based on our past 12 years’ work experience in the field of humanitarian and community development operations, strongly believe that human development and alleviation of human suffering can best be addressed and healed through humanitarian cooperation and partnership within a transparent, accountable and well-defined frame of action for common human goals and purposes. Our aim is to reduce the suffering of the Afghanistan’s most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency. Specializing in meeting the needs of communities emerging from conflict or natural disaster, ADOA collaborates with a wide range of partners and donors, local organizations, and many others to deliver sustainable services.

ADOA work in following key areas, leading toward good governance, reduce vulnerability through relief and community stabilization.

  • Education
  • Humanitarian / Emergency Response
  • Economic Development
  • Health
  • WASH
  • Peace
  • Irrigation, Infrastructure and Rehabilitation
  • Agricultural Development and Livestock
  • Capacity building and task force development
  • Public awareness and legal rights

ADOA differ widely in its aim and activities it undertakes. We will be contributing in long-term projects concerning sustainable development, and will be specifically focusing on the ultra-poor communities of Afghanistan enabling them to develop sustainable livelihood through micro finance and re-integration in the society. 


To help people whose lives and livelihoods are devastated by conflict and disaster, to survive, recover, gain control of their future and to protect the rights of displaced and vulnerable people during crisis.


ADOA will implement high-impact, cost effective programs for people affected by crisis and to be an efficient and effective organization with the highest standards of accountability.



This plan will be in effect after the contract is being signed between Afghanistan development organization for Afghans and donors. The major works involved in construction activity include stone masonry, rcc works, pcc, reinforcement, steel works, stone soling, earth works, dewatering, and diversion, etc. The contract documents shall clearly indicate the requirement to adhere with the technical specifications, which is part of contract document.

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In order to execute the construction/rehabilitation of construction projects, Afghanistan development organization for Afghans has established a construction team headed by head of engineering division. In a project, a supervisor will be deployed.  Under the supervisor, a team of skilled, unskilled labors including equipment operators, carpenters, masons, etc

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The needed materials for the construction and rehabilitation of projects including cement, steel bars, GI wires, rubber seal as non-local materials and boulders, sand, gravel, aggregates, etc as local materials.

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  • Non – local materials ADOA

Will prepare a procurement plan to purchase non local construction material in accordance with the construction schedule in order to ensure the supply of fresh construction materials particularly the Portland cements








Contact us


  • Kabul Afghanistan Parvane 2
  • Jawzjan Afghanistan oposite of Dustum Qaser
  • info@adoa.com.af
  • +93 775697171

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